CBD Isolate is derived from hemp and comes in powder form. The CBD is first extracted from the hemp through a CO2 extraction machine. Unlike other machines that typically use harmful gases, such as butane, CO2 extraction provides a healthy alternative. CO2 extraction uses temperature and pressure to extract all Cannabinoids from hemp turning it into crude oil. This crude oil is then refined into winterized oil through another CO2 extraction process. Then finally this oil is further “isolated” to extract only the CBD isolate. Most CBD Isolate ranges between 98-99% pure. The CBD isolate is then sold and formulated into products. The material is not water soluble, so it is commonly dissolved in oil such as Coconut or Vegetable. Tinctures are usually blended with MCT oil, a highly refined coconut oil and vape juice is generally made with a blend of vegetable oil and flavoring. Other products, such as CBD gummies, are made with CBD Isolate to ensure that they are actually THC FREE.

If you are looking for you to avoid THC entirely then CBD Isolate may be the best choice for you. The reason for this is that CBD Isolate is just that, Isolated CBD. This means that the other Cannabinoids along with THC, including CBN, CBG, CBC are all removed and you just get Cannbidiol(CBD). This is a popular choice for athletes, parents, and animal lovers who may be concerned about even trace amounts of other Cannabinoids. The United States Food and Drug Association recently approved a drug called Epiodiolex to treat 2 different types of seizure disorders in children. The formulation of this drug is similar to CBD isolate.

Our CBD isolate is made through our normal CO2 Extraction process it ensure the highest quality and purity. Our material test at >99% CBD with no trace amounts of other cannabinoids.

The material is then 3rd party tested through our accredited lab partner.

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