CBD Formulation Calculator

CBD Product Formulation can be very difficult without the proper CBD Formulation Calculator.  Whether you are formulating CBD Tinctures that use MCT Oil or CBD Vape Oil with a PG/VG solution, there is a big difference in total density between the both of them so the maximum amount of THC can vary between the two products.  Furthermore, most CBD Testing labs aren’t user friendly.  Their reports are often missing the sample size or they’ve given you a THC and CBD concentration in milligrams per gram mg/g.

If you are reading this i’m almost 90% positive you’re thinking to your self… What do I do with mg/g when i’m making a liquid solution.  WHY IS THIS COA NOT IN mg PER ML?

Let me be the first to understand your frustration and offer a few solutions that may help not only you, but this entire industry as it grows up a little bit.

ANO CBD uses a proprietary CBD Formulation Calculator to make their CBD Tinctures and CBD Vape Oils.  We’ve specifically developed this software through a collaboration of our lab experts, chemists and a gifted programmer we have on staff.   It’s designed on

CBD Tincture & Vape Oil Formulation Calculator

This is a previous version of our Tincture and Vape Calculator.  For the latest version, please contact David McGinnis at 850-347-0919 or [email protected]